Welcome To Argannis

Argannis is an organic project, we say this because we have no idea where it’s heading right now so we’ve decided to say that it’s organic, which makes like a tad easier.

If you’ve not been here before, do not fear, hardly anyone else has been here either but settle down and we’ll embark on epic adventures … wait I thought we agreed we didn’t want epic? We do? Maybe … oh wait, it’s organic!

There will be tales here, there may be some poles too, characters will grow, some will be forgotten about as we’ll regret creating them but as this is an introductory page head on in and read some of our tales, our discussions, our polls!

Posts will be in the order of latest first, so in a tale that will mean you’re reading the latest installment first, which you may not want to do, we probably should provide links to help you there, anyway, onwards and upwards, as they say in some quarters!

The stories are not always intended to be linear, there may be opportunities for you to play your part by writing your own posts, but they will need to be PG rated and they can’t contain major story arcs, for example you can’t blow up major cities or kill off major characters, however we will deal with that in more detail if people want to contribute.

For now click on the Argannis – The Story link to find out more about Argannis, there will be character biographies, place histories and tales behind that link…. well eventually there will be!