Argannis – A Brief Description

Argannis is a mythical world, think swords and sorcery and you’ll be somewhere near the mark. All places, characters and locations are completely made up and are not based on any characters in popular film or fiction, although there may be some who sound like they are, this is inevitable as the imagination is inspired by what we’ve seen or done. There is no intent to copy other works.

Argannis is both a world and a city, this may be confusing but the main city in Argannis is also called Argannis, there’s a reason for this but that may be developed at a later stage if we decide to go virtual.

There are several major cities, towns and vilages in Argannis, to the north-west is Argannis City, the city of hope.

The North East is home to Karanthor, a mainly Orc city but as peace has reigned for three hundred years, other races have settled there.

In the South-West lies the city of Elgynal, an Elven stronghold and still considered rather secretive.

In the South-East likes Marlaon, a human city and a place of great spiritual hope for humans.

In the midlands we find Karamdur, a Dwarven City, known for its strong trades and stronger beers.

There are many smaller towns and villages, which will be unveiled as we reach them, or not!


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