The Adventurers League

The Adventurers League are a hardy bunch of six adventurers for hire. Their main office lies in the city of Argannis. There has long been much debate about their name, in their office they have an FAQ which starts with “The apostrophe is missing on purpose!

The head of the league is a wizard by the name of Keltan, nobody is sure how old he is. He is older than he lets on because he refuses to wear a wizard hat as he claims they aren’t trendy, although he does own a staff and a robe.

Little is known of Keltan’s origins, although he appears human in nature. He is tall, even by wizard standards, standing at well over six foot. He does have a beard and it is rather pointy and grey. However it would be a mistake to underestimate his powers, he is a wizard of great might.

The league are a diverse bunch and in their midst they have an Orc by the name of Jaur Orell. He was born and bred in Argannis City, although his origins in his family tree can be traced back to Orc strongholds of years gone by.

At the age of just 27 he is young and in fine shape, he is considered the muscle of the organisation by everyone other than himself, he thinks his intellectual capacity and cunning are his strongest points, he’s wrong but nobody dares to tell him.

The Elven lady Ellemore A’durant is a mistress of the bow. Her shining and captivating blue eyes charm many a man, her bow silences many more. Ellemore also has powers of healing and some small knowledge of magic, not explosive magic, but magic all the same.

However if it’s magic you want then look no further than the witch, Azielle Andulphon. She can be charming when she wants but her eyes can turn dark and menacing. She has the capacity to incapacitate, which is no small feat. Her history is murky, which seems to be a theme amongst most of this group.

Baudron Hamill is of the Dwarven race, although he likes to carry an axe, the rest of the group prefer it when he doesn’t swing it. This isn’t because he’s not strong enough, it’s because he’s not accurate enough. However for a Dwarf, he has an amazing sense of smell, particularly when it comes to traps.

Lady Sarika Morgannis is the final member of the group, a human by birth she claims to be 24, but she seems to have been 24 for a long time. Skilled in lock picking, hiding in the shadows and packing one hell of a punch for such a slimly built girl, she is a more than useful addition to the league, but being a noble means she needs to hide her activities more than the others, when on duty for the league she wears a cowl … a bit like a superhero, but with a cowl instead of spandex!


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