The Missing Amulet – Part One

The clock inside The Adventurers League ticked loudly as Keltan studied the drawing the young lady on the chair across the table from him presented. She had introduced herself as Arianne Evinson, sporting long flowing black hair and brown eyes, she had pale skin and ruby red lips. Keltan estimated she was around 19 or 20, there was something familiar about her but she claimed to be new to the city.

The drawing was of an amulet, a family heirloom that had been taken from her home some fifteen years ago she claimed. Keltan was uncomfortable with the whole story but Ellemore A’durant felt the case was worthwhile, especially as it meant a trip to the caves of Dorac where Arianne claimed the amulet was stored.

“Your source regarding the location, this is relaible?” asked Keltan.

“Oh very” replied Arianne, nervously. “The caves are dangerous sir, I’ll understand if you don’ want to travel there.”

“Myth and nonsense” said Keltan with a straight face.

The group gathered themselves at the entrance to the caves of Dorac, the caves were located over 500 miles south east of Argannis and they had had to make the final five miles of then journey alone as their guide claimed the caves were haunted.

“Myth and nonsense” said Keltan as they entered slowly, however Baudron Hamill, the dwarf, shook his head “Even here I can smell fear and death” he said gravely.

The cave was dark, dank, musty, Lady Sarika Morgannis felt her foot squelch into something muddy underfoot and grimaced, Azielle Andulphon, the witch in the party chuckled at the obvious discomfort of her companion, “Well if that’s all we have to fear, this will be an easy case.” she chuckled.

Jaur Orell, the Orc, seemed uneasy “These stories of shadow men and beasts, they have long been told” he said slowly.

Ellemore A’durant chuckled “Myth and nonsense, myth and nonsense, it’s the spiders and stray dogs you need worry about, not scared are you?” she asked provocatively.

Jaur just grunted and walked faster. The air grew colder, the cave grew darker but they followed the winding path, it was quiet, too quiet Keltan realised, there was something stirring down here. Ellemore seemed to sense it too, she glanced at him, but he just smiled in return.

Round and round the path went, they passed a rope bridge and then the cave sloped even deeper, the air getting colder. Then they saw it, a chest, glowing in the dark, just as they’d been informed.

Baudron halted “Stop!” he intoned, the group turned to him “Something does not smell right, I sense a trap.”

Lady Sarkis paused, nodding she got to her knees and moved quietly in the dark, then a snap was heard, followed by another “Only two here” she whispered, why was she whispering thought Baudron.

Then they all held their breath, there, in front of them, glowing red eyes appeared, just beyond the chest, it was far too dark for them to make out what it was initially, then the eyes moved closer, standing in front of the chest was a four legged creature, muscular, imposing and sniffing out foes.

The group slowly backed away, the creature seemed not to notice them. “Myth and nonsense?” enquired Jaur

Keltan shook his head “It can’t be, that’s a Bolveran, they’ve been extinct for years”

Lady Sarkis whispered “That one doesn’t look extinct to me”.

Ellemore shook her head “That’s not the sort of stray dog I was expecting.”

Keltan thought hard “We need an alternative route, we need to move back and check what’s across that bridge, we may be able to draw the beast away and allow ….” he stopped, the chest, the chest was opening, the beast didn’t move, but the chest was definitely opening and before his eyes he watched as first a goblet, then a sack and finally a box moved magically in the air.

“Oh no” he heard Azielle mutter.

“Oh no!” he heard Baudron sigh.

“Oh bloody hell” he heard Jaur curse.

“Oh no she hasn’t” he heard Ellemore sigh and then he listened, and noticed Lady Sarkis was not sharing the groups concerns. “Oh no she hasn’t” he repeated as the goblet, lockbox and sack started moving around the side of the walls of the cave, closer, closer.

“The fool” thought Keltan, then there was a click, the creature growled and out of the darkness came Lady Sarkis, running full tilt and shouting “RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”



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