The Missing Amulet – Part Three

The Missing Amulet – Part One

The Missing Amulet – Part Two

Keltan sat on a grassy bank a few miles from the cave, he still wasn’t talking to Lady Sarkis. Lady Sarkis on the other hand was talking to the others, largely about the treasure, or lack of.

“Hmm a crusty old goblet, a sack full of fluff and an amulet, well at least we have the amulet” she smiled.

Baudron smiled at her “Yes, mission accomplished some would say”.

Azielle grimaced “The hard way”.

Ellemore walked over to Keltan, putting an arm around the wizard’s shoulders “You know how this group are” she whispered in his ear “Young, reckless, but loyal, you know this, don’t be angry.”

“It’s not anger” he said shaking his head “It’s … it can’t be, the shadows, a Bolveran, a Kraken … all extinct, how can this be, this is troubling”.

She put a finger to his lips “It’s not our concern, we stopped being concerned on matters like this quite some time ago”. She pulled at his sleeve “You really need to wear a wizard hat again” she smiled mischievously.

Keltan held the amulet, it seemed flat and old, but something was troubling him, was it the girl who had asked for the amulet? Was it the amulet itself or was it the sack of fluff, everything had a reason and odd items like that usually meant trouble.

The group disbanded before they reached the city of Argannis, as always, Lady Sarkis never returned with the group, to all intents and purposes nobody knew she existed.

Keltan asked Azielle to send a message to Arianne Evinson that the amulet had been found.

Some hours later, in the headquarters of The Adventurers Leage, Arianne collected the amulet, Keltan put a hand on her wrist “What is this?” he enquired.

“A family heirloom sir, that’s all” she replied nervously “I’m sorry if it was trouble but I greatly appreciate your help sir and I have coin to pay for your services.

Keltan closed his eyes and said “The coin isn’t needed today, but we may have need of your services in the future, you work in the infirmary?”

“Aye sir” Arianne replied “Training to heal, but mostly just cleaning for now sir” she smiled, sweetly, there was definitely something familiar about her but Keltan could not put his finger on it.

Arianne left, Baudron sat down next to Keltan “There’s something troubling about that girl and that amulet”.

Azielle yawned and said lazily “Magic, they both contain magic”.

Keltan raised an eyebrow “I sensed no magic”.

Azielle waved a lazy hand in his direction “Dark magic, both of them, she’s related to a wizard or a witch, mark my words, there will be trouble with that one.”

Ellemore smiled “She seems sweet enough, I’m sure she will be fine.”

Jaur came over holding the sack “This fluff” he said excitedly “It has changed into ash”.

Ellemore shot up abruptly and took the sack from him “This is not a good sign, this is not a good sign at all”.

“Ash” said Azielle “Now there’s a sign of dark magic if ever I saw one, troubling times ahead.

Keltan and Ellemore exchanged worried glances, worrying signs indeed, but for now they kept their concerns on how serious this could be to themselves.


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