The Missing Amulet – Part Two

The Missing Amulet – Part One

Another click was heard and behind them the group heard a yelp. Keltan turned, banged his staff on the ground and held his hand, a huge flash of white light engulfed the cave “Run” he shouted, the group turned on their heels and ran.

Reaching the rope bridge, they climbed up and steadied themselves, then slowly they edged along it until they could just see the passage below them, the beast ran past, growling loudly, it went on towards the slope in the cave they had originally entered by.

“You idiot” growled Keltan at Lady Sarkis.

Lady Sarkis shrugged her shoulders “We have treasure” she replied haughtly.

They moved slowly along the rope bridge, below them was a pool of water, the bridge creaked. Baudron paused, sniffing “There’s something else”.

Ellemore paused “He’s right, there’s more life here”.

Keltan moved on but the bridge seemed to sway, turning around he saw more red eyes, this time from a humanoid looking creature, dark black except those eyes, an arrow whisked by his head, if he had been wearing a wizard’s hat it would have took it clean off, that’s what he got for being a trendsetter amongst wizards.

An arrow fizzed back in the direction the first had come from and the creature fell to the ground. Ellemore stood there with her bow in her hand.

“What in the seven forges of Karamdur was that?” asked Baudron.

“Shadow Folk” muttered Keltan.

“Aren’t they extinct too?” enquired Azielle.

Another form appeared on the bridge, another Shadow, Azielle pointed her finger in its direction, it groaned and staggered “We need to get out of here” she implored.

The group turned and ran across the rope bridge, arrows whisked through the air in their direction “This can’t be” shouted Keltan.

“Denial won’t help at all” roared Jaur as they ran, the bridge ended abruptly, a shadow moved closer, Jaur turned and swung a fist, the shadow fell backwards. Below them was a pool of water, more shadows were crossing the bridge.

“Jump” roared Baudron and hurled himself into the pool. The others followed as shadows swarmed across the bridge. Landing in the pool with a giant splash Jaur swam onwards. The noise behind them ceased, looking above he could see the shadows were not following them.

Gasping Ellemore clung to a rock at the edge of the pool, looking up she saw a taller shadow, one with a crown on, “Keltan” she cried pointing upwards.

Keltan looked up, the crowned shadow looked down, it seemed to be laughing, but would go no further.

“Why aren’t they chasing us?” enquired Baudron.

Ellemore shook her head “They’re scared, what’s down here to scare them?”

“Move” said Keltan, “Get to land”.

They swam across the pool, Baudron sniffed “Air” he said, this way, swimming northwards he found a ledge and climbed on it. “Through here, I think” he said pointing at an entrance into more dark.

“Wait” said Keltan. “I don’t like this”. He surveyed the scene, above them the shadows watched, but they had not released one arrow down here.

The water bubbled. “Uh oh” said Jaur.

“Uh oh indeed” said Azielle

A giant tentacle appeared out of the water, wrapping itself around Keltan. Baudron leaped quickly upwards, striking the tentacle with his axe, the tentacle released Keltan who went flying past the group and towards the entrance into the dark. The group scrambled and pushed Keltan onwards into the dark.

Running blindly they at last saw light, running full pelt they came out of the cave, into bright sunshine, pausing they gasped. Keltan taking a drink from a bottle tied to his neck.

“Myth and nonsense” said Lady Sarkis. Keltan glared.


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