Keltan – The Wizard

Keltan is the head of The Adventurers League, he’s also a wizard of great might, the two aren’t linked.

Keltan arrived in the City of Argannis many moons ago, so many moons ago that even he’s forgotten, or so he claims.

Keltan has an aversion to wearing a Wizard’s hat, he claims they are old fashioned but others feel he’s just trying to look less, well, wizardly, unfortunately his robe, pointy beard and staff mean he looks very wizardly even without the hat.

Keltan is an expert in lore of the land, to such an extent that even Goblins are suspicious of how he knows so much, some suspect that Keltan was involved in the last great war, over three hundred years ago.

Being a wizard, as you may suspect, means Keltan has powerful magic within him, which he does, but he is limited to the number of spells he can cast each day and therefore has to use his magic sparingly. This is definitely needed otherwise there would be absolutely no need for him to have any friends or companions. Keltan has strenuously denied claims that he pretends to run out of energy just so as he can make friends.

Keltan’s work with The Adventurer’s League had generally made him happy, until recently when finds in The Caves of Dorac of creatures he had long thought extinct, made him uneasy.

Currently Keltan is pondering matters and is extremely concerned that he may need to don his hat and go to a meeting of The Wizard Council.


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