Do You Believe In Magic?

Wand Vendor

“Do you believe in magic?” asked the strange looking Dwarfin behind the counter in the Dwarfins tower in The Spires Of Andolys.

I paused for thought, I’ve seen strange beasts under the waters of Poseidon’s Abyss, been enchanted by magical words in The Sylvan Of Spells, encountered pagan festivities in Tangleshimmer Grove, bumped into Chinese shoulder dragons in Vallacia, witnessed strange beasts in YoZakura, been surrounded by larger than life flying insects in Ichi-Go Ichi-e, spotted a cauldron in Wildehaven Marsh, been charmed by toy soliders in Poppetsborough, stared at moving statues in Odyssey and been alarmed by electricity in the air in Aurora.

Do I believe in magic? “Yes”, I replied to the Dwarfin behind the counter, “Why do you ask?”

“Well I have a fine array of potions, spells and wands for sale” he pointed behind at the shelves, looking a little sheepish.

To be honest, it was a bit late for him to tell me that, I’d just had to avoid a raging magic wand battle just to enter his store.

Magical Dwarfins

The bigger question really is, do you believe in magic? Ho Ho Ho it’s magic, never believe it’s not so.


Keltan – The Wizard

Keltan is the head of The Adventurers League, he’s also a wizard of great might, the two aren’t linked.

Keltan arrived in the City of Argannis many moons ago, so many moons ago that even he’s forgotten, or so he claims.

Keltan has an aversion to wearing a Wizard’s hat, he claims they are old fashioned but others feel he’s just trying to look less, well, wizardly, unfortunately his robe, pointy beard and staff mean he looks very wizardly even without the hat.

Keltan is an expert in lore of the land, to such an extent that even Goblins are suspicious of how he knows so much, some suspect that Keltan was involved in the last great war, over three hundred years ago.

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The Missing Amulet – Part Three

The Missing Amulet – Part One

The Missing Amulet – Part Two

Keltan sat on a grassy bank a few miles from the cave, he still wasn’t talking to Lady Sarkis. Lady Sarkis on the other hand was talking to the others, largely about the treasure, or lack of.

“Hmm a crusty old goblet, a sack full of fluff and an amulet, well at least we have the amulet” she smiled.

Baudron smiled at her “Yes, mission accomplished some would say”.

Azielle grimaced “The hard way”.

Ellemore walked over to Keltan, putting an arm around the wizard’s shoulders “You know how this group are” she whispered in his ear “Young, reckless, but loyal, you know this, don’t be angry.”

“It’s not anger” he said shaking his head “It’s … it can’t be, the shadows, a Bolveran, a Kraken … all extinct, how can this be, this is troubling”.

She put a finger to his lips “It’s not our concern, we stopped being concerned on matters like this quite some time ago”. She pulled at his sleeve “You really need to wear a wizard hat again” she smiled mischievously.

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The Missing Amulet – Part Two

The Missing Amulet – Part One

Another click was heard and behind them the group heard a yelp. Keltan turned, banged his staff on the ground and held his hand, a huge flash of white light engulfed the cave “Run” he shouted, the group turned on their heels and ran.

Reaching the rope bridge, they climbed up and steadied themselves, then slowly they edged along it until they could just see the passage below them, the beast ran past, growling loudly, it went on towards the slope in the cave they had originally entered by.

“You idiot” growled Keltan at Lady Sarkis.

Lady Sarkis shrugged her shoulders “We have treasure” she replied haughtly.

They moved slowly along the rope bridge, below them was a pool of water, the bridge creaked. Baudron paused, sniffing “There’s something else”.

Ellemore paused “He’s right, there’s more life here”.

Keltan moved on but the bridge seemed to sway, turning around he saw more red eyes, this time from a humanoid looking creature, dark black except those eyes, an arrow whisked by his head, if he had been wearing a wizard’s hat it would have took it clean off, that’s what he got for being a trendsetter amongst wizards.

An arrow fizzed back in the direction the first had come from and the creature fell to the ground. Ellemore stood there with her bow in her hand.

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The Missing Amulet – Part One

The clock inside The Adventurers League ticked loudly as Keltan studied the drawing the young lady on the chair across the table from him presented. She had introduced herself as Arianne Evinson, sporting long flowing black hair and brown eyes, she had pale skin and ruby red lips. Keltan estimated she was around 19 or 20, there was something familiar about her but she claimed to be new to the city.

The drawing was of an amulet, a family heirloom that had been taken from her home some fifteen years ago she claimed. Keltan was uncomfortable with the whole story but Ellemore A’durant felt the case was worthwhile, especially as it meant a trip to the caves of Dorac where Arianne claimed the amulet was stored.

“Your source regarding the location, this is relaible?” asked Keltan.

“Oh very” replied Arianne, nervously. “The caves are dangerous sir, I’ll understand if you don’ want to travel there.”

“Myth and nonsense” said Keltan with a straight face.

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The Adventurers League

The Adventurers League are a hardy bunch of six adventurers for hire. Their main office lies in the city of Argannis. There has long been much debate about their name, in their office they have an FAQ which starts with “The apostrophe is missing on purpose!

The head of the league is a wizard by the name of Keltan, nobody is sure how old he is. He is older than he lets on because he refuses to wear a wizard hat as he claims they aren’t trendy, although he does own a staff and a robe.

Little is known of Keltan’s origins, although he appears human in nature. He is tall, even by wizard standards, standing at well over six foot. He does have a beard and it is rather pointy and grey. However it would be a mistake to underestimate his powers, he is a wizard of great might.

The league are a diverse bunch and in their midst they have an Orc by the name of Jaur Orell. He was born and bred in Argannis City, although his origins in his family tree can be traced back to Orc strongholds of years gone by.

At the age of just 27 he is young and in fine shape, he is considered the muscle of the organisation by everyone other than himself, he thinks his intellectual capacity and cunning are his strongest points, he’s wrong but nobody dares to tell him.

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Argannis – A Brief Description

Argannis is a mythical world, think swords and sorcery and you’ll be somewhere near the mark. All places, characters and locations are completely made up and are not based on any characters in popular film or fiction, although there may be some who sound like they are, this is inevitable as the imagination is inspired by what we’ve seen or done. There is no intent to copy other works.

Argannis is both a world and a city, this may be confusing but the main city in Argannis is also called Argannis, there’s a reason for this but that may be developed at a later stage if we decide to go virtual.

There are several major cities, towns and vilages in Argannis, to the north-west is Argannis City, the city of hope.

The North East is home to Karanthor, a mainly Orc city but as peace has reigned for three hundred years, other races have settled there.

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